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Who I Am.

I am an accomplished designer with a unique balance of creative and technical expertise, coupled with a strong background in both print and web design. My experience has marked me with a fervent dedication to accuracy and detail along with the ability to communicate ideas effectively.  My background ranges from editorial design to marketing design; this includes experience creating, magazine sections, supplements, covers,  advertisements,  brochures, sales–collateral, catalogs,  power–point presentations, info–graphics, web–graphics, banners, landing pages and email blasts. 


What I Do.

I am passionate about design in all it’s forms.  I recognize the importance of knowing the long-term vision of a company and how to accurately and consistently reflect that message in all visual and written communications.  I am a strong conceptual thinker, have a keen eye for typographical design and a good sense of color.  It is these combined skills that have helped me to become proficient at  designing for all types of media.


My Experience.

Hard work. Discipline. Collaboration.
Working well with others and listening carefully are valuable skills honed over time that help a designer find clear insight and direction. Along with the philosphy 'less is more' these ideals have helped me to create my portfolio of print and web design.
For 20 years I've had the good fortune to work as an art director in many top publishing/media companies. Starting my career as as info-graphic designer, creating charts and graphs for financial sections, later broadening my design skills to art direction, where I became responsible for the conceptual lead art and design of the sections themselves. Eventually switching gears to corporate branding and marketing at Fitness Magazine and later Poplular Science. Both positions allowed me to use my conceptual thinking to help create advertorials and collateral to align brand positioning.
My passion for visual design has enabled me to continue on a path of continual growth, constant improvement, and the never ending quest for clean balanced aesthetics.